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The Only Scarf Known to "Actually" Keep Your Neck Warm...anywhere on the Planet!


Our "North End Commuter Scarf" does the trick...


Certainly the "warmest" and the "only" one that we know of that provides "100% Certified Thermal Windblocking Protection"


Why buy a $80.00 wool blend scarf that the breezes blow right thru, when you can have the best - that "actually works" for less than half the price?


Only $33.99 each!


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Note:  These rebates & shipping procedures are for all of our Global Customers including CANADA


We Provide Customer Shipping & Handling Rebates on Our Orders


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Got Any Gear Questions, send us an e-mail at ibdcc@tadvgear.com or give us a call between 8 AM and 4 PM CST @ 715.531.7952


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All of Our Products are Proudly Sewn in Wisconsin - USA

100% Made in America


We Ship All Regular USA Orders over $25.00 via Premium USPS Priority Mail Service.  Orders under $25.00 usually ship USPS First Class Mail.


Prairie Snowstorm G2 Hardfaced Mittens


-Thermal Windblocking Abrasion Resistant Outer Shells

-DWR Water Repellent & Breathable Outer Shells

-Built with 5 Layers Top & 5 Layers Bottom of Technical Insulating Materials to minimize Conductive & Convective Heat Loss

-Exceptional Inner Most Layer of Superior Excellence in Thermal Moisture Wicking & Transfer


Only $115.95 per pair


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  • Shipping & Customer Service Notice

    We will not be processing or shipping any new customer orders, providing any telephone or e-mail customer service, or processing any customer returns from Tuesday July 26th through Tuesday August 2nd, 2016.  We will resume normal operations on Wednesday August 3rd, 2016.

    Please make note...


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    In the World of Outdoor Technical Gear & Accessories, it's not always easy to find a resource that provides you with a lot of technical information in one location and at the same time tries to help you understand the importance of the information before you make your purchasing decision, is it?  If you spend some time browsing & reading the information that we have provide within our website , we are confident that you will leave with a better perspective of what to look for before you make you next Cold Weather Gear purchase and also be a better informed buyer instead of just a price shopper.  If you like what you see, it's always best to make your purchase early in the season, because we do run out of inventory based on intense demand for our gear.

  • "What Our Customers Say"

    We receive e-mails from our customers throughout the year with gear questions, positive comments or "words of wisdom" related to our gear and the service we provide.  We operate under a "very strict" policy of customer confidentiality and therefore the following comments will not include names, initials, cities, States, Provinces or Countries that we receive them from to insure our customers remain totally anonymous.  As with anything in life, the only way that "you" are going to find out that these comments truly reflect our gear and order processing standards of excellence, is to place an order and find out for yourself!  The following are just some of comments that we hear:

    "Just to say I recently got your Arctic Thermal Hat & Arctic Thermal Mitts (2) pairs, as I convinced a friend at work to get one.  Used the hat on a -20C freezing rain day in Ottawa with a windchill even much colder and it was PERFECT!!!  Have both quality and value." R.B. - Ottawa, Ontario Canada

    "I just placed my order with you yesterday, haven't received it yet and you already sent me a Paypal credit  for a Shipping and Handling Rebate.  I have never heard of anyone ever doing that before?"

    "My neighbors think I'm nuts when I'm out walking the dog in some of the horrific snow & cold we've had this Winter, especially when I'm not out there wearing a heavy parka...they can see your Bridgman hat with the front bill on my head, your neck gaiter and the Prairie mitts on my hands...but little do they know that this weather warm momma starts the process with a pair of your absolutely wonderful new fantastically warm Base Layer tops & bottoms underneath it all....was wondering if I should share this secret with them as well?"

    "Just wanted to reply back re the mitts I purchased from you.  They're increbile!  I've been able to go CC skiing comfortably down to temps as low as -30F w/o liners and am now out regularly enjoying skiing regardless of the temps!  That is a first for all the years I've lived here" - Fairbanks, Alaska

    "5 STAR shipping and order processing....you guys really don't sit on it...you shipped it in less than 24 hours time"

    Started the Winter season thinking if I spent more I'd get more....so I spent $175.00 on some Mountain Hardware Mitts that were absolute junk....subsequently settled in on a pair of your Extreme Hardfaced mitts for under $140 bucks and all I can say is that they're worth every cent and then some....ok they're great!

    "Love the fact that your company uses the US Postal Service as my gear order showed up on Saturday morning just before I was heading out the door to go up North....excellent!"

    I found out that with your arctic neck gaiters that I only needed to buy 2 of them for the entire Iditarod, one to wear and one for a back-up which I didn't end up using....it sure saved space and money not having to pack 16 of the cheap fleece face gaiters that always freeze up and sag around my face.....your stuff is the best!

    "Thanks for answering my questions on the phone concerning your Prairie Mitts.  I just got my pair in the mail today and they're so great I'm ordering a pair of these Bad Boys for my wife later today....thanks again!"

    "At 60 mph plus on my snowmobile your arctic hat kept me super warm and that was also without wearing my helmet either..."

    "I couldn't believe how much warmer I was while running the dogs on the sled with your drop pad neck gator on....your words are correct....Wow!"

    "I'm glad I found you on the web....you dog wrist wraps are the cheapest in price by far then any other place I could find....will pass on your name to others"

    "I didn't actually or totally believe from your website how warm and dry your snowstorm mitts(Prairie Snowstorm) would actually be...but when I did order a pair and used them I couldn't believe that you were actually telling the truth..."

    "I love the fact that your gear stuff is made in the USA.....it's about time someone starts building good stuff here instead of the "xxxx" from China..."

    "What more can be said about your Extreme mitts....they are the warmest mitts anywhere and worth the price....also loved the thumb straps on them..."

    "Bought two of your dog jackets....one in each style and couldn't believe that the coats were going to be of such top quality for the cheap price...and they are so easy to put on my dogs....and once on they stay on...thank you"

    "...finally someone who is making really warm Winter items for keeping petite sized woman warm when we're out training the dogs in the winter...you don't have everything that fits but your company is making progress instead of just thinking about sizes only for the guys...thanks"

    "...used some of your gear on my climbing expedition to the Himalaya's last spring, neck gaiter, hat and mitts...perfomance was great...but best of all despite your Extreme Element Mitts being a little bulky due to all of the layers of materials you use to build them with they really did work....last expedition I came down from the summit with 2 black fingers and this time ZERO black fingers in similar weather conditions....these really are the warmest mittens in the world!"

    Special Website Links:

    Sled Dog Central
    "Your on-line sled dog advertising & information source"

    We Accept payment on-line via the following:

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    We also will accept payments via a Money Order for those who choose not to order on-line and pay though the secure PayPal order processing & credit card system.  A slick way to pay using a Money Order, once we have confirmed to you via e-mail or phone what your order total is with shipping and handling, is to just go to you local US Post Office.  YOU CAN get US Postal Service Money Orders right at the counter, at a slight fee and then at the same time you can just drop it in the mail while you are still there.  Once we get the U.S. Postal Service Money order, we will ship your order immediately because there is no additional check clearing time required.


    Please also note that you "do not" have to pre-register or register "at all" with PayPal in order to use your credit card for payment during the checkout process...hooray!



    "Changing How People Stay Warm - One Person at a Time -

    Since 2004"


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    We also issue  Discount Rebate Credits back via Paypal after we process your order for shipment...if applicable.

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    Note:  These rebates & shipping procedures are for all of our Global Customers including CANADA

    Effective 10/17/13 - All Customer Orders of $150.00 or greater in merchandise ordered, will now be shipped with added USPS Signature Confirmation required for delivery receipt.

    Cold Head - How about the Warmest Hat in the World?

    The Competition doesn't even come close to the warmth & heat that this Winter Hat generates with its 4 Layer Technical Fabric System & "their" one or two layer hats are still higher in price!

    THE Windblocking Arctic Thermal Hats...available in sizes "Small/Medium" - "Large/XL" & "XXL" in colors black & white(except XXL is only in black)

    Starting at only $47.99 each & up

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    Mountaineering & Expedition "Cutting Edge" Gear

    XWick 3.4 TRH

    A Revolution in High Exertion Physical Activity Expedition Grade Gear



    XWick 3.4 TRH Expedition Windblocking Thermal Wicking Straight Neck Gaiter


    - 3 Layer regulated warmth technical fabric system.


    - Enhanced added inner layer of superior thermal mositure wicking fabric.


    - Hardfaced soft shell outer layer for taking abrasion punishment and thermally blocking out the wind.


    -Excellence in total warmth that is regulated based on enhanced breathability & is designed for high exertion physical exercise extreme cold weather adventures.


    Only $31.95 each


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    XWick 3.9 TRH Expedition 1.4 Windblocking Thermal Wicking Drop Pad Neck Gaiter


    -Same technical fabric and layering design specifications as above, (3 Layer System) except this unit is designed with (1) full drop pad in the front and a 40% length drop pad in the rear.


    - Front drop pad seals out the cold penetrating air & adds additional warmth for the upper chest core area.


    - Rear 40% drop pad seals out the cold air around the lower neck and upper back area.


    -Excellence in total warmth that is regulated based on enhanced breathability & is designed for high exertion physical exercise extreme cold weather adventures.


    Only $49.95 each


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