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We have developed the Information Bank as a place that you can come to for reading a good amount of information in a brief overview format, so that you can gain a better understanding of how the body operates in relationship to why your extremities stay warm or don't stay warm.  This information is provided under the first 3 Topic headings.  

Under Topic heading "4", we give an expanded amount of information about thermal insulation, including an understanding of what and why it is important to understand the terminology of "R-values" and how they play a role in the garments and gear that you wear.

Topic 1:

Overview of How the Body's Heating & Cooling System Operates


The average human body contains about 5 litres of blood, which we all know is pumped by the human heart out through the arteries, veins and tissues within our bodies.  Our blood system handles many different functions on a daily basis, but for our purposes we will focus on its function to transfer "heat" from our core to the skins surface, so as to......

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Topic 2:

Overview of Body Circulation


It is important to understand at least briefly the circulation system in our bodies, because it is driven by the flow of blood.  As our blood is approximately 80% water by volume and water has the characteristic if manifesting a high heat capacity....

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Topic 3:

Anatomy of the Hand


We have learned previously that our hands and feet are at the end of the supply chain for the circulating blood, which is also the major source of transferred heat that is supplied by the body.  We also have learned that there can impair or restrict....

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Topic 4:

Overview of Thermal R Insulation Values & Why They Are Important


Whether you buy an existing house or even have the opportunity to build one or more, one of the most important questions that is usually asked is "what is the insulation R-value that's in this house", or....Interestingly enough when it comes to many of the garments that we use....this information is "completely" omitted....

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