Topic 2:

Overview of Body Circulation:

It is important to understand at least briefly the circulation system in our bodies, because it is driven by the flow of blood.  As our blood is approximately 80% water by volume and water has the characteristic of manifesting a high heat capacity, our blood circulation therefore becomes the major avenue for heat transfer to the skins surface.  The amount of heat that is transferred however, is driven by the rate of blood flow to various areas of the body.  In the ideal  world everyone would have perfect blood flow throughout the body, but in reality this just doesnít happen for several reasons and therefore we have a growing majority of people that experience diminished or poor circulation because of the following::

Some issues related to our blood circulation we can work on if we choose to do so, such as with bettering our health and lifestyle, seeing what our Physicians can do for us, but some things were just going to be stuck with and are going to have to find a way to deal with then.  The ones of us with medical conditions or  inherited less then par blood circulation to our limbs, or the aging who experience the natural thinning of the skin over time causing the same effect, still have at least one option left in helping to keep our hands warmer - longer when outdoors in the Winter time.  The option is finding a Mitt that is engineered with better thermal insulation values for warmth, yet will do an exceptional job of wicking away the immediate perspiration that our hands generate after a short period of time after the mitts are on our hands. Beyond the initial heating period that we experience once their mitts are on, especially evident during periods of physical exercise, we must remember to continue to move and wiggle our fingers during the less strenuous times so as to continue to maximize our blood flow and transfer of heat to our hands and fingers.