Technical Advantage Kayak Cockpit Covers


General Sizing Dimensions:  How to Measure


Finding Cockpit Opening Length



Finding Cockpit Width



Installation of Our Kayak Cockpit Covers:


Place cover over front edge and pull back. covering the outside edges all the way to the back of the kayak



Pull rear shock cord out as far out as you can possibly get it & then push the cordloc button and slide the cordloc forward firmly up against the edge of the cover.  Make sure you get all of the slack out of the hidden shock cord that you are pulling out.


Next, clip the plastic hook from the shock cord excess slack onto the shock cording located on the top of your kayak.



Next find the taper line or bend line of the top edge contour of the cockpit opening and then attach the Safety Cord using the closest "loop" velcro fasteners sewn to the top of the cover and then attach the safety stretch cord strap on each side.  There is a cordloc that allows you to adjust and/or manually adjust the shock cord safety strap "just tight enough" to form a slight straight ridge between the locking or securing points of the strap.  IN THIS EXAMPLE YOU WOULD WANT TO ATTACH THE SAFETY CORD/STRAP TO THE REAR LOOP VELCRO, OR AS PICTURED, THE LOCATION ON THE LEFT OR REAR.




Safety cord strap installed to the Loop Velcro material located closest to the rear of the kayak.  (Note this picture is from the opposite site of the kayak then the picture above)


Now lift the kayak on top of your vehicle, strap it down and block the airflow from going into the cockpit area as you head down the highway and save alittle on your gas mileage!