Sizing Information

Extreme Element Arctic Thermal Mitts Only


Please Note:  The generous sizing that has been built into our Extreme Element Arctic Thermal Mitts, has been done to facilitate the use of wearing a protective glove over the fingers and hand area, so that there is adequate room for the hand to be able to go in and out of the Mitt without any obstruction issues while the gloves are being worn.  Certain outdoor adventures require the use of wearing gloves over the hand due to the extremely cold air temperatures outside and the need to have the hand and fingers covered at all times when the hand is outside of the mitt to prevent the potential for frostbite.  For the people that are into arctic trekking and polar expeditions, mountain climbers making their way to the summit of the highest peaks in the World and sled dog mushers conquering another long distance race, these mitts are for you.

Our Extreme Element Mitts are built with a powerful thermal insulation value of R-9.3 on both the top and bottom sides for the Medium sized mitts and R-10.5 for the Large & X-Large Mitts, which as far as we know is absolutely the "best" in the World.  For people that want to order a pair of these mitts, but don't have the need or application for having to wear a pair of gloves at the same time, please be aware that the compartment area that surrounds the hands and fingers is much larger in size and may contain more surrounding air space.  This is important to note, because not everyone has the blood circulation capacity to keep the blood flowing at a steady pace, whereby continued heat may be reduced for keeping the compartment air space warm, especially in sub-zero wind chilled temperatures.  So when sizing you hand as compared to the chart below, you should try to minimized the amount of excessive dead air space around the hands and fingers.  You certainly want and need space for the fingers to move around in, you just don't want an excessive amount.  (just our thoughts)


Bare Hand or Hand w/Glove Sizing Chart - Extreme Element Arctic thermal Mitts "Only"



The (2)two dimenision's that you need to secure are the approximate "WIDTH" of your hand, measuring at the location noted above for width and you also need to determine the "LENGTH", which is measured from the base of the hand at the "crease" line up to the end of the MIDDLE finger tip.

If you are not going to ever be wearing gloves over your hand and fingers when they are inside of these mitts, then take the measurements "bare handed".  If you will be using a glove on your hand most of the time while wearing these mitts, then place the style of glove that you will be wearing on your hand and then take your approximate width and length measurements.  

Once you have determined the (2)two dimensions for your individual hand, then go to the following chart and determine which Mitt size is going to work best for you.  The dimensions given below are for the "maximum" hand or hand/glove measurements recommended for each of the (2)two mitts that we make in the Extreme Element Arctic Thermal Mitt Series.


Extreme Element Mitt Size

Maximum Length Recommended

Maximum Width Recommended


8 1/4" (209.55mm)

5" (127mm)


8 3/4" (222.25mm)

5 3/4" (146mm)


9 1/4" (234.95mm)

6 1/4" (158.75mm)


In general, most womens hands will use our size Medium Mitt and mens small and average medium sized hands with gloves on will use a size Large Mitt.  Mens upper medium and large sized hands with gloves on will use the size X-Large.  As everyone's hands are unique to them, these are just general guidelines