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Demand Excellence in the Winter Gear that they pack and so should YOU!

When you begin the physical training process for your first or next Expediton to one of the poles, it's also the best time to start exploring and checking out the gear that you are going to take with you.  Once you have researched the critical gear items that you are going to be wearing most of the time during the extreme cold weather conditions, you should buy it and take it for a few test drives in as cold of conditions that you can find in your local area if that is possible.  

The worst thing you can do is to read someones gear review on the Internet about an item, buy it and then pack it for the trip without wearing it several times well ahead of time.  It is extremely important to put some wear time on the new mitts for example, so that you can get an inkling to see whether they are going to work for the thermal regulation system in "your" body.  This is important because well over 60% of people in the U.S. for example, have issues related to blood circulation and blood flow, caused by various reasons(i.e. herdity, age, disease and so forth).

We recently briefed an article on the internet that was reviewing Winter Mittens, with an ending recommendation of the pair or pairs that would be best to take with you on a trip to the North or South Pole, etc.  The concensus of the article resulting from three months or so of testing, was that the top pair of mitts selected was best because it had "better dextarity" then the others tested and this was important because the average wearer would be using mitts once the temperature dropped under +10 degrees F.

As a manufacturer of 100% of the mittens that we sell, which we manufacture right here in the United States, what "should" be the most important factors for selecting a pair of Winter mitts for example, is a follows:


Winter Mitts constructed for enhanced "DEXTARITY" generally offer:

  1. POOR Conductive Heat Loss Protection
  2. POOR Overall Thermal Warmth because the Top Side is generally 2X times thicker then the Bottom Side of the Mitt.
The greater the "compressibility" of the Insulation materials built into a Winter Mitt, providing puppet show dextarity, provide:
  1. Enhanced dextarity
  2. POOR Conductive Heat Loss Protection
Winter Mitts built with "sheet thin" internal shell moisture wicking  fabric provide:
  1. POOR Overall Moisture Wicking Capability, which is easily overwhelmed leading to chilled hands - faster!
Winter Mitts built with Nylon characteristic type fabric materials provide:
  1. Generally excellent moisture/water resistance
  2. Average wind blocking capability depending on the pore structure of the fabric.
  3. POOR Breathability of the moisture build-up inside the inner shell layers of the mitt.
  4. POOR Convective Heat Loss Protection
Winter Mitts built without adequate equalization of insulation materials on both the top and bottom sides of the mitt provide:
  1. POOR Conductive Heat Loss Protection
  2. POOR Overall Warmth for the hand and fingers for any extended period of time

So the question that you should be thinking about before you're being pulled behind a dog sled above the Arctic Circle with windchilled temperatures somewhere between -60F to -100F below,  "Was it more important to have a  flexible mitt on this trip that led to a couple "black colored" frost bitten fingers, or should I have gone with the better insulated, correctly designed mitts that allowed me to also use my gloves inside of them so my fingers are alway covered mitts from Technical Advantage Gear?



Prairie Snowstorm G2 Hardfaced Mitts - Recommended User Range to -30F (-34C)below zero - Thermal R-Value of Insulation R-7.0



The second generation ("G2")of our Prairie Snowstorm Mitts builds on the great successes that we had with the original version release and with some well defined re-engineering now sets a new standard in the global market place for cold weather mittens.  The "New" G2 Prairie Snowstorm Mitts are built with technically advanced abrasion resistant thermal windblocking, DWR water repellent, breathable outer shells - a modified 5 layer top & bottom total layering system that also provides a further enhancement for conductive heat loss, about another 8% to 10% additional benefit - an approximate 10% enhancement to the bend flexibility and an increase of approximately 14% to the total length of the mitt allowing it to ride higher up your jacket sleeve.  Of course you also gain some extra length in the fingertips and length of the thumb, which further accomodates more uses with different finger & thumb lengths.  The overall thermal R-value for insulation rating on the G2 mitts is an approximate R-7.0 which is down ever so slightly from the original Prairie Mitts we introduced a couple of years ago.  However, we feel the further enhancement made through a technical material change to one of the internal layers, for even better conductive heat loss protection still provides an exceptional overall warmth package for the end user and we've yet to find a competitive mitt at any price point that comes even close to our standards...  Click here for more information.....


Extreme Element Arctic Thermal Mitts - Hardfaced Outer Shell Layer - Temp Range to -60F (-51C)+ below zero


We designed and cut the patterns for these mitts, especially for our base of Female Expeditioner customers, however this mitt is not just limited to females either.  We decided to strip off some of the goodies that we build into the other larger sized Extreme Element Arctic Mitts and at the same time work to enhance the bend flexibility and gripping slightly, about 15% to 20%, without sacrficing much in the way of our standards for thermal insulating values built into both the top & bottom sides of our mitts.  We took out a layer of technical fabric from both the top and bottom, however these mitts were still built using 12 total layers (6 top/6 bottom) and still pack a second to no one thermal insulation value of R-9.0.  We also changed the outer shell layer to a technical fabric that has a Hardfaced, yet fairly soft to the touch finish, which will further enhance abrasion resistance.  The outer shell is of course thermally windblocking, DWR water repellent and has very good moisture vapor breathability. To learn more about these great mitts, Click here for more information>>>>>



Windblocking Thermal Straight Neck Gaiter - Recommended User Range to -60F (-51C)plus below zero

We build these neck gaiters in two different sizes and we also build them in larger length and width dimensions then the "status quo" competition in the global marketplace.  We uniquely build in a top edge shock cord that allows you to tighten it and lock it to any position on your face.  The 2 layer system blocks 100% of the wind on the outside, has breathability and is DWR water resistant, while the inner layer has superior heavyweight technical synthetic polyester warmth.  This neck gaiter will also NOT FREEZE UP from your breath moisture and it allows you to always breathe warm air when over the nose.  These neck gaiters are excellent for wearing especially when your physical body exercise is less then 30% of the time or you are going to be doing alot of standing or sitting in one place.  If you only prefer to wear straight neck gaiters out of preference, then you'll only need to pack ONE and that's the one that we build at Technical Advantage Gear.  Click here for more information....



XWick 3.4TRH Expediton Windblocking Thermal Wicking Straight Neck Gaiter - Hardfaced Outer Shell Layer -  Recommended Temperature Range to -80F (-62C)+ below zero


The XWick 3.4TRH Expediton Series Neck Gaiters are the hottest thing on the expedition and trekking gear list of things to pack with you on your next adventure.  These neck gaiters are designed for high physical exertion activities where you require windblocking protection during the adventure, but you also need warmth during the rest periods and superb moisture wicking and transfer during the entire climbing segment or activity.

We build these units with a 3 layer technical fabric system, with the outer shell layer consisting of a soft feeling Thermal Windblocking Hardfaced abrasion reducing, DWR water repellent and breathable technical fabric.  The mid-layer is a moderate mid-range synthetic polyester fabric that provides warmth without being overly hot.  The inner layer next to the face and skin is a superior thermal wicking technical fabric that helps to moderate the overall warmth, yet does a great job in transfering the breath moisture away when the unit is pulled up over the mouth and nose.



The XWick 3.4TRH Expediton Series Neck Gaiters pack a combined thermal insulation value of R-3.4, perhaps the highest thermal value for neck gaiters in existence, but the combination and function of each of the three layers together allow it better regulate the heat, especially when your day is consisting of 70% or better of physical exertion as your climbing to the summit or just chugging through the deep powder out in the woods.

With the interesting stretch of the 3 technical fabrics and the design cut, we have been able to configure this as a "one size fits most unit".  It also comes with our top edge pull tight built in shock cord and cord loc, for allowing you to lock it into any desired position on your face, while also sealing the heat in.  How many polar expeditions will these units be taken on, we don't know for sure, but we're guessing many from different expeditions from around the globe.  Click here for more information>>>>>



XWick 3.4TRH Expediton 1.4 Windblocking Thermal Wicking Drop Pad Neck Gaiter - Hardfaced Outer Shell Layer -  Recommended Temperature Range to -80F (-62C)+ below zero


We've stretched the design and innovation limits with our latest entry of neck gaiter designs.  In this case, we have further revolutionized the drop pad neck gaiter with our Expediton Series XWick 3.4 TRH Expedition 1.4 Windblocking Thermal Wicking Drop Pad Neck Gaiter, which is yet again in a class by itself.  The XWick 3.4 TRH Expedition 1.4 is designed for the user that is under physical exertion better then 70% of the time in face biting cold temperatures, where you need to stay warm and protected from frostbite, but you also need better moisture transfer from the area around your mouth.




The 3.4 TR is the combined thermal insulation value of the entire gear unit, which is a Thermal R value of 3.4.  The final alpha component of H again stands for the Hardfacing abrasion resistant finish on the outer shell layer fabric that we use for this neck gaiter. Although the outer shell fabric is hardfaced, it does have a soft feel to the hand and it does help to reduce the amount of blowing snow that could stick to it.  The Expedition is the rating that we have given to this item based on how it regulates the heat, transfers moisture and protects the user from the extreme elements while under physical exertion.  Finally, the 1.4 is the Drop Pad configuration on this gear unit, which is (1) one full drop pad in the front and an approximate 40% length drop pad in the rear.

With the interesting stretch of the 3 technical fabrics and the design cut, we have been able to configure this as a "one size fits most unit".  It also comes with our top edge pull tight built in shock cord and cord loc, for allowing you to lock it into any desired position on your face, while also sealing the heat in.  How many major expeditions will these units be taken on, we don't know for sure, but we're guessing many through different expeditions located around the globe.  Click here for more information>>>>>



Windblocking Thermal Drop Pad Neck Gaiter - Recommended User Range to -100F (-73C) below zero



Our Technical Advantage Gear "Drop Pad Neck Gaiter" is an ORIGINAL design and is exclusive to our product line only.  In other words, you can't buy it anywhere else in the World unless someone has copied our exclusive design.  Two drop pads, one front and one in the back that have been configured to keep your upper chest core warm on the front, while sealing the air flow completely out on the back of your neck.  The drop pads can be reversed or turned around your neck, whereby the front becomes the back and the back the front.

The top edge of the Drop Pad Gaiter also comes with a built in shock cord, that can be tightened to keep it in the exact position on your face that is desired.  The mainstay of this unit is built with a 2 layer technical fabric system, with the exception that the drop pads also contain a 3rd internal layer of special polyester insulating material.  Windblocking 100%, breathable, water resistant on the outside, matched with a heavyweight technical fleece on the inside and generously sized, all combine for another warm and frost free face.  These are especially great for when you actual physical exercise or exertion is less then 30% of the time.

If you want the "ultimate" neck gaiter system, which is a unique and exclusive design to the hard core outdoor World and you want to be prevent the black skinned frost bite at virtually any temperature range below zero, then you only need to pack one neck gaiter total on your next Expedition and it's this one, design and manufactured by Technical Advantage Gear.  Click here for more information....



Windblocking Arctic Thermal Hat - Recommended User Range to -60F (-51C) plus below zero




Our Windblocking Arctic Thermal Hat, based on the feedback from our field testers and other users that have taken them on extreme cold weather adventures, claim that this "is" the warmest hat on the Planet.  We place a reasonable recommended user range of -60F plus below zero on this gear item, but quite honestly this hat will endure any extreme sub-zero temperature that you can physically stand and then some.  This hat is built with our innovative 4 layer technical fabric layering system and it will stop anything that Mother Nature can throw out at you while on a climb to the summit or venturing across the endless rough ice terrain on a polar expedition.

The outer shell is 100% thermal windblocking, breathable and is DWR water resistant.  This hat will not only out perform any nyloned shelled hat for thermally blocking out all of the wind, but it also minimizes convective heat loss and will take as much rain and mist moisture as the finest higher end technical nylon type fabrics can take and it still will keep the inner layers dry.  The inner layer that surrounds the head is also thermal and highly moisture wicking, which is a feature that few other Winter grade expedition hats ever offer.  This is an extreme temperature hat and it's designed to start wearing for the first time when the temperatures start dropping below zero, as warmer air temperatures and heavy exertion will probably cause your head to sweat.

The final caviot of this hat is that it will completely pull down over you ears and then the convective cold air flow can be sealed out with the pull tight shock cording and cord loc.  At the same time, the shock cording when adjusted tighter will also keep the hat from being wind gusted off of your head or picked off by a tree branch etc.  For those explorers that want a non-billed or brimmed Winter expedition grade hat, this is the one for you, bar none!  Click here for more information....


We all have choices when it comes to selecting the right gear to pack on that next polar expedition, mountain climb to the summit or where ever or what ever is tripping our trigger toward the next adventure.  Sometimes gear is purchased based on a brand logo that is advertised and promoted well in the local sporting goods or outfitter store.  Sometimes its purchased because you want to look like everyone else that has done the same adventure that you're preparing for and still further you've perhaps bought certain gear items because they were the most expensive, so they have to be the best.  

What you should be doing before you purchase any of your critical "wearables" for your next Expedition, is to do some research ahead of time before you make your investment.  Just because everyone else does something or wears something, doesn't necessarily mean that it is right or for that matter right for you.  Also make sure that you find a source that is going to give you more information then you dreamed of, instead of the standard two - three short lines of description information,  a pretty picture and a price.  Finally, you should make sure that they are involved in active testing of their products prior to release, instead of testing it on the design drafting board, making it look pretty and then having in sewn in China so that they make the most money on the item instead of you getting the best product for your money.

At Technical Advantage our mission is simple and that is to build gear that actually works and does what it say's it's going to do, which is to "Keep You Warmer - Longer" then any other manufacturers gear.


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