4Wheeler Cold Weather & Winter Gear Review and Recommendations

We make some great gear for those of you that play on your 4-wheelers all year long, be it for business or just pleasure, but we just haven't done a very good job in highlighting what we know other people are specifically buying already and putting to good use.  To keep the reading and gear recommendation simple, we're only going to reference the top selling items that we know people are buying for keeping warm in the Winter time when they are out plowing snow or just playing on their 4-wheelers to pass the Winter months way.  Therefore, these are our customer sales recommendations that they know will work great for you and as they tell us "nothing else compares":

Prairie Snowstorm Mitts with Handlebar Straps:


The Prairie Snowstorm Winter Mittens pack a whopping thermal insulation value of R-7.15 on "both" the top and bottom sides of the mitts.  Virtually no other mitt manufacturer in the World does this, nor do they equalize the amount of insulation material on both sides of the mitt.  They put it all on the top side and in reality you need it on the bottom side of the mitts.




As you can see from the picture, these mitts are generously sized so that you can use them inconjuction with your protective gloves on, on the really cold days and you can keep them locked to the handlebars of your ATV or Dog Sled so you always know where they are.  The recommended temperature ranges are from +30F to -30F.



The outer shell of these mitts block out 100% of the wind, are DWR water resistant and breathable.  The inner most layer that surrounds the hand offers superior thermal moisture wicking to help keep the hand warm and dry.  The Handlebar Straps are completely removable when not in use or required and the mitts are available in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large, all of which are generously sized compared to most other mitts in the World.  Click here for more information>>>>>


Windblocking Arctic Thermal Drop Pad Neck Gaiter:


Our Technical Advantage Gear "Drop Pad Neck Gaiter" is an ORIGINAL design and is exclusive to our product line only.  In other words, you can't buy it anywhere else in the World unless someone has copied our exclusive design.  Two drop pads, one front and one in the back that have been configured to keep your upper chest core warm on the front, while sealing the air flow completely out on the back of your neck.  The drop pads can be reversed or turned around your neck, whereby the front becomes the back and the back the front.



The top edge of the Drop Pad Gaiter also comes with a built in shock cord, that can be tightened to keep it in the exact position on your face that is desired.  The mainstay of this unit is built with a 2 layer technical fabric system, with the exception that the drop pads also contain a 3rd internal layer of special polyester insulating material.  Windblocking 100%, breathable, water resistant on the outside, matched with a heavyweight technical fleece on the inside and generously sized, all combine for another warm and frost free face.  Click here for more information>>>>>



The above 2 items are the mainstays of most, but not all of the customers that buy gear from Technical Advantage Gear for Winter time wear and use when out on their 4-wheelers.  Some like our Straight Neck Gaiters instead of the Drop Pad Gaiters and some like our regular style hats instead of the ones with the front hat bills.  Despite the differences in individual gear taste, they all agreed that this is the warmest Winter gear that they've ever worn out in the sub-zero temperatures of Winter.

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