Technically Advanced Liner Mittens - For Our Friends with Terminally Cold Hands & Fingers



The Technical Advantage Gear lightweight mittens were designed for those of you who experience terminally cold fingers, most of the year, as caused by:


If you're one of those who fits into one of the above descriptions, or perhaps you have something else that affects your blood flow and body circulation causing cold fingers, or further still know someone else close to you that has at least one of these issues going for them, well then we invite you to read on a little further with the information that we have developed and would like to share with you.  And yes as author of this website info bit, I fall into the Hereditary Blood Circulation class and despite currently being 75F outside, I sit at my PC inside writing this piece with cold to the touch fingers bearing shades of my favorite color....red.

As a business philosophy, we've resisted the development, production and any other connotation related to "Liner Mittens", primarily due to the specific fact that "none" of our Technical Advantage Gear mittens, irregardless of their designated series name and temperature rating, require the addition of a separate independent mitten liner in order for them to work effectively!  Our design philosophy on our mitts, which you can read about further throughout our website, is basically to give you different price point mittens that are built as "complete" autonomous packages to address the needs of "your" individual outdoor adventure, without the need to add-on to your final purchase price like many others do, with the strong recommendation that you purchase their "must have" liner system for another $20.00, $30.00 or even $40.00 price tag.  Even then when you do purchase the liner mitten for these other brands of mittens, they don't offer any wind blocking protection, moisture wicking is still marginal and the overall asset value of their recommended combination is still going to fall far short of what our regular mittens offer by themselves.

At the same time that we mention our past business philosophy related to liner mitts, we also have a greater appreciation for all of the people that have purchased our mittens with great results, who are suffering from the consequences of poor blood circulation and  many of whom suffer directly from Arthritis, Diabetes and Raynauds.  We also understand the rational behind why they keep asking us for liner mitts and that of course is for keeping the hands, fingers and wrist area protected from the cool or cold air when they pull their hand out of the main mitten.  Minimized skin exposure to the elements results in minimized pain.

We actually have been studying liner mitt inserts for the past couple of years and have yet to see anything competitively that will match what the total asset value of what our liner mitts have to offer.  In our studies as well, we also knew that what ever we developed as a final product, also had to address the issue of having a mitten unit that was capable to act as a separate use lightweight mitten, as required, that would provide "100% thermal windblocking" protection and superior excellence in terms of inner thermal wicking and moisture transfer.  At the same time if it could also have good breathabilty, DWR water repellency, better dextarity, then it would be the ultimate lightweight mitt package that we would be worthly of offering to you and that is exactly what we did.

As a separate use lightweight cover mitten, built with the incorporated assets that we just mentioned above, we know these units will also be great for people to wear on their hands as separate use mittens in the early to late Fall temperatures and of course again perfect for those warming late Winter - early Spring days as well.  For our senior citizen friends, these units will be perfect to wear inside of the house as well during the Winter time even thought the heat is on in the house, many are still sitting there with cold fingers.  These units will provide additional hand warmth and the hand warmth will be even better by keeping the fingers all together in the same compartment area.  

The 2 Layer technical fabric system that we built these liner - lightweight mitts with, provides for an approximate thermal insulation R-value of R-2.8, with the insulation value warmth holding truer when outside in the actual elements due to their certified 100% thermal windblocking outer shell layer of protection.  We will also share with you that the inner thermal moisture wicking layer, which is much thinner then a heavyweight 300 wgt technical fleece material, actually provides about a 21% higher thermal value(this technical comparison is between the 300 wgt USA made fleece material we use, as compared to the USA made inner layer thermal wicking material that we use in these mitten units).  

We also feel that another critical & important key to the success of these new liner/lightweight mitten units, is that they are not technically oriented to create what we call the "boiler effect" when you put them on your hands.  The "boiler effect" and most if not all of us have experienced it, is when you went into the local store to buy a new pair of mittens (at room temperature), you put on one of the higher priced mittens for your budget and they instantly made your fingers hot and sweatie the longer they were on your hands.  You bought the mitts thinking that the super heat and sweating was a good thing when you were inside of the heated store, however when you used then outside in the elements, the excessive sweating from your hands created an accelerated cooling effect and in outside temperatures above 0 degrees F, your fingers were frozen in 30 minutes or less.  

We need to remember that the bodies thermal regulation system is not producing the same results - in the same way for those of us with issues affecting our blood flow and body circulation, versus the minority of the population that is considered to have normal blood flow.  Therefore with our unique and non-perfect circulatory systems, the first thing that happens when we put something on our hands with any amount of insulation value to it, is that our hands/fingers get sweatie and many times our fingers aren't even hot to the feel or touch, right?  What we want and need is something that is fairly lightweight in feel, offers an acceptable range of dextarity and will allow a moderate level of temperature comfort when the hands & fingers are inside of them and if we still sweat excessively - intially, it will have the technical where with all to wick the moisture away successfully.  In other words, you want to try and achieve "controlled comfort", which these units will do for many people.  Again, these units are designed to be used as a skin protecting liner system to be used in conjunction with regular mittens, or as a seperate lightweight mitten to be used in cool temperatures, providing thermal wind blocking and moisture wicking "controlled comfort" to our hands and fingers.  These units will not be the 100% solution for everyone, but we feel that they will be the best solution that you are going to find "anywhere"!




As pictured (above), you can see that we have designed the liner - lightweight mitten units with an acceptable overall length, approximately 11.25" (28.6cms) for the X-Samll, 13.5" (34.3cms) for the size Small/Mediums and 14.0" (35.6cms) for the size Large/XL units, which depending on your actual finger and forearm length will allow them to "ride up" almost half way up your forearm for added skin protection.  The technical fabrics use are soft against the skin, while the 2 layers pack a huge amount of total asset value.  We also "seamed" these together on the outside giving them a rustic look, but really did it for the purpose of eliminating internal seam rub irration, that some people with sensitive skin experience.  External seaming is nothing new, as we also do it with all of our regular full range mittens as well.

The 2 layer system, also provides at least a 1/2" of give to the overall length and width dimensions that will be provided below, therefore we always suggest ordering the smaller size if your individual hand dimensions are right on the line, in terms of whether to order the larger size up or not.  It is our recommendation that you have a close fit to you hand, minimizing the excess space and any un-needed bulkiness.  This is especially key, if you are ordering these to be used primarily as a liner mitt being worn inside a pair of regular mittens.

Example:  You honestly know that you have a medium sized hand in USA dimensions, however every time you purchase a pair of mittens at the big box sporting goods store, you automatically know that you need a size large, because the mittens are imported and made in china.  Chances are for our liner mitts to have enough extra movement room and not to give your hand a crunched or stuffed feeling inside of the imported mitt, you would probably need their size XL, instead of the size large that you currently own.  This may not be the case across the board, but chances are with most imported made in china mittens under $100.00's, this is probably going to hold true!

So what have we learned so far:  Summary

  1. The "New" Technical Advantage Gear 2 Layer Liner Mittens are primarily designed as a separate lightweight cool weather mitten by themselves.
  2. The Outer Shell provides 100% Thermal Windblocking Protection, Breathability and is DWR Water Repellent Treated for shedding external moisture.
  3. The Inner Layer provides superior excellence in Thermal Moisture Wicking & Transfer, while providing a warmth asset value that is at least 21% better then 300 weight thicker fleece materials.
  4. The Thermal R-value of insulation on these units is approximately R-2.8.
  5. These units have been designed to protect your sensitive skin, to provide excellent sweat & moisture control, to eliminate the "boiler effect" and to try and ensure "controlled comfort" for a more pleasurable overall experience when outdoors in the cool and cold weather seasons.
  6. The new 2 Layer Mitten units (that is 2 layers on top and 2 layers on the bottom), are specially sew seamed on the outside to prevent any seam irratation or rubbing that could occur, therefore leaving one less thing to irratate your already sensitive feeling fingers.
  7. The new 2 Layer Mitten units have limited stretch, but still should provide at least an approximate 1/2" + of give to the width and length for adjusting to varying different unique hand dimensions and the hand opening should have enough stretch give to allow it to be pulled over lightweight sleeve material thicknesses if not desired directly against the skin.
  8. The new 2 layer Mitten units are designed so that they can provide as much as 50 % protective coverage up my forearm, depending on my individual hand & forearm dimensions.
  9. The people from Technical Advantage Gear continue to care about people who have afflications that impact their individual body circulation & blood flow and the new product highlighted is another case in point.



Hand Sizing Matrix Made Easy



Step 1:  Finger Length            Step 2:  Hand Width                      Step 3:  Thumb Length

Sizing made easy for the Liner Mitts.  First measure the length of your fingers starting at the crotch or base of the thumb, up to the tip of the middle finger as pictured.  Next measure the width of your hand from the crotch or base of the thumb, across to the outside of the hand.  Last, you may want to cross check the length of your thumb, measuring from the crotch base of the thumb up to the tip of the thumb, also as pictured above.  Proceed down to the chart below and select the size that is best for your specific hand dimensions.


Liner Sizing

Step 1: Max Finger Length Step 2: Max Hand Width Step 3: Max Thumb Length

Overall OD Length

Hand Opening ID Flat


5.25" - 133.35mm

3.75" - 95.25mm

2.75" - 69.85mm

11.5" - 292.1mm

3.5" - 88.9mm


5.50" - 139.7mm

4.5" - 114.3mm

3.0" - 76.2mm

13.5" - 342.9mm

4.0" - 101.6mm


6.0" - 152.4mm

5.0" - 127mm

3.25" - 82.55mm

14.0" - 355.6mm

5.0" - 127mm

NOTE:  Don't forget that you should get at least a + 0.50" - 12.7mm of stretch adjustment to the inner length and width of these mitten units and slightly more stretch allowance at the hand opening area for getting your hand in and out and for sealing around the circumference of larger forearms.


The technical material content specification that we use for these mitten units is 100% synthetic polyester, therefore they are designed to provide you with a softness to the touch feel against the skin while providing comfortable warmth, wicking dryness and certified 100% thermal windblocking protection.  So now we've provided you with the information as to the "why" these 2 Layer lightweight mittens would be good for you, so now it's up to you to decide "when" you're going to order a pair for yourself or a friend that could benefit from using them?



Size:  X-Small - 100% Windblocking Velour Outer Shell Finish

Shipping Weight per Pair:  2.9 ounces

Sku #:  10210PSMG2XS

Price per Pair:  $00.00


No Longer Available



Size:  Small/Medium - 100% Windblocking Velour Outer Shell Finish

Shipping Weight per Pair:  3.5 ounces

Sku #:  111011LMSMV

Price per Pair:  $00.00


No Longer Available




Size:  Large/X-Large - 100% Windblocking Velour Outer Shell Finish

Shipping Weight per Pair:  4.1 ounces

Sku #:  121211LMLXLV

Price per Pair:  $00.00

No Longer Available



Note:  These mittens are "machine washable" on the cold water setting, mild detergent (no bleach) and you can throw them in the dryer to dry on a low temperature setting and remember, DO NOT USE ANY FABRIC SOFTNER SHEETS WHEN IN THE DRYER, as the fabric softner dryer sheets (or any fabric softner) will remove the DWR water repellency treatment to the outer shell layer, ok?


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