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G2 Pinnacle 2.0 - 2.4TRVMR XTherm Jacket

The G2 Pinnacle 2.0 Jacket is built to a different engineering "dynamic", when compared to other gear items in our product range that are built for pure brute warmth.  Our new Jacket is positioned on the top end of the so called Soft Shell Jacket market, which is market that is filled with many technically oriented performance imposters, some selling for as much as $400.00.  The G2 Pinnacle 2.0 offers a very unique 2 Layer technical fabric design, which further eliminates 95% of the competitive soft shells that are only built with (1)one layer of fabric, in many cases which are just a plain layer of fleece and we all know by now that plain fleece does little in the way of blocking out or stopping any wind penetration.

The Outer Shell layer of the G2 Pinnacle 2.0, now offers (3) three levels of windblocking protection for the end user, who knows that a true performance Soft Shell must offer elements of windblocking protection, but must also offer at least moderate heat & moisture vapor breathability.  The "Gen 2" Pinnacle Jacket has been updated with 100% thermal windblocking sections in Black Velour on either side of the front zipper, along with Green outer shell sections providing 98% thermal windblocking protection and above average breathability, while the Black colored hardfaced sleeve sections offer 95% windblocking protection and "exceptional" heat and vapor moisture breathability.  

The Inner second layer of the Generation 2 Pinnacle Jackets, now comply with our own internal "Project 100" Certification Standards, as we've switched out the previous spec'd 300 weight HD synthetic polyester fleece internal layering, over to the same 100% Thermal Windblocking Synthetic Polyester technical fabric that is sectioned on the outside front of the jacket, in black velour on either side of the main front zipper.  The Project 100 Standards that we have set, results in zero air or wind penetration that is going to come through the jacket in "any area" to cool the body, yes "zero"!

So what does this all mean in terms of performance?  Well in a nut shell, the G2 Pinnacle Jacket in static lab analysis conditions is "0.2" less in thermal insulating value then its predessor, but in real life outdoor weather elements it is actually going to keep you warmer because it is blocking out 100% of the cold wind and air. (We know this to be factual, because we have done our own air penetration testing on the 100% thermal windblocking technical fabric that is used in the front of the outer shell and now for the entire inner shell layer.)  The breathability factor drops from exceptional to moderate, but if you happen to be building up to much heat from exertion, then pull the front zipper down!

The other great asset value's of the outer shell layer and why we believe that we are in a class of few, is that the green sections and the sleeves have a hard faced abrasion resistant finish for added wear and all three of the Outer Shell sections are DWR Water Repellent, including the entire inner shell layer as well.  Double protection from the wet rains and snow.  The competition can't beat that either! 

In reviewing the global market place for Soft Shell Jackets, it is fairly evident that less than 10% or so are being built with a 2nd inside layer for added warmth.  In our case and you can review a sampling below of some other competitive jackets, as we mentioned above, our inside layer is a 100% Thermal Windblocking technical fabric which provides for a combined 2 Layer Jacket offering an approximate 2.4 Thermal R-Value of Insulation, which be believe to be at the top of the list for a jacket in this class.  Remember, Soft Shells like ours are built for temperatures of +45F and down, up to the point of where you decide the temperatures are calling for you to pull your main Winter Jacket on top of it for total cold temperature warmth.  Since everyone's thermoregualtion system is different as well as their perception of cold, only you can decide the low end of the temperature scale that you can use this jacket in.  We've added the XTherm to the description because of the fact that the G2 Pinnacle 2.0's are built with extra total thermal value as compared to others in the Soft Shell class.

We designate this as a mid-range jacket due to its enhanced warmth, but also because we built this jacket longer in body frame back length, using 31 inch zippers vs most of the other that use 27" and 28" zipper lengths.  We also still built in longer sleeves as well, so when you raise your hands to the air, the cuffs don't pull down on your wrists and the bottom edge of the jacket doesn't pull up over your belt like most of the others do.  We give you "more...much more jacket for your money"...plain and simple!

So as you can see so far, the G2 Pinnacle Jacket is an even more dynamic jacket in terms of how it was designed and engineered for cool and cold weather activities.  Where you use it and how you use it is up to you.  Still interested...then read on?


Comparison:  Overlay of a Standard Cut for a Soft Shell Jacket (in the 2 tone color), layed on top of our Pinnacle 2.0 test jacket on the bottom in black



You can easily see that our G2 Pinnacle Jacket (both of these jackets are size Medium), offers more main area width & extra length for enhanced front and rear coverage and protection, while also providing extra length in the sleeves.  The sleeve cuff fold & stitching line on the TA Pinnacle 2.0 is almost twice the distance as the standard, which provides for much better wrist coverage and comfort for the end user.

As with many so called Soft Shell Jackets, the reality is that they really aren't "true soft shells" from the technical sense.  The overlay 2 tone jacket pictured above, is actually a combination of pure fleece in the dark red color and the small areas in the black colored fabric are the only true parts of the jacket that are hard faced thermal windblocking fabric.  What this means to the actual end user is that the breezes easily blow right through the red fleece material and at the same time, the blowing snow sticks to and freezes onto the fabric as well.  This jacket like many other termed Soft Shells provide "no" inner pockets and many, like this one "does not" provide an inside or outside windblocking protection strip for the zipper, therefore the air future penetrates into your bodies core.


The Technical Advantage Gear - G2 Pinnacle 2.0 - 2.4TRVMR XTherm Jacket

"Project 100 Certified"




                                                                                                                        Front View                                               Back View                                              



The Pinnacle 2.0 Jackets have been out for many months now and for a true Soft Shell Jacket its performance has been outstanding.  For some parts of the Country and around the World that jacket will be the only thing that you need to have during the Winter months to stay warm and dry, however it was not designed to be an all encompassing Winter coat for every climate and cold weather temperature condition and that's why it was classified as a Mid Range Soft Shell Jacket.  The G2 Pinnacle Jackets in their updated format, will set the Technical Advantage Gear World standard even higher with its 2 layered 100% thermal windblocking design, for the ultimate in mid-range jacket asset value.

What is a Mid Range Jacket?  A Mid Range Jacket is one that is engineered to provide all of the "true asset" values that people really want out of a Soft Shell Jacket but cannot really find or afford.  Our Mid Range Jacket provides 100% Thermal Windblocking protection, breathability and DWR Water Repellency, Hard Faced & Abrasion Resistant out shell sections for exceptional durability, while also allowing the snow, rain and other elements to slide off during a storm.  A Mid Range Jacket should offer the ultimate in outdoor elemental protection, with enhanced length to the core are of the jacket as well as in the sleeves and should offer exceptional outside zippered and inside pocket space for carrying all of the essentials.  A Mid Range Jacket should provide a "true elemental zipper barrier" that blocks the blowing winds from going through the main zipper.(the G2 Pinnacle 2.0 internal protection zipper strip "windblocking seal" is 3 Layered, front & back sides being thermal windblocking and inside layers that supply's exceptional reflective technology thermal value, for a total zipper protection assembly thermal R-value of R-4.4)

This is a Great Jacket to start your outdoor adventure with, depending on the severity of the windchilled air temperatures.  On major climbing expeditions, this is the jacket that will bridge you during the mid range portion of your climb, when the temperatures have dropped below +30F in light physical exertion and +20F under heavier exertion and the winds are starting to blow.  This is the time when it's still too warm to put on the summit layering shell, parka or puffy jacket, yet the initial base gear is not keeping up with the drop in temperature at higher elevation.  This is also the timeframe when you need the 100% thermal windblocking protection as well.  The actual temperature ranges that you can drive or push the G2 Pinnacle 2.0 Jacket to, is going to be dependent on how you are layered underneath it.  It is critical for maximum performance that you have a base layer directly against your skin that is providing exceptional thermal moisture wicking & transfer and that also has the capacity to moderate the heat build up under exertion, like the Technical Advantage Gear WindTherm Base Layers provide.  At the same time, the WindTherm Base Layers also provide strategically placed thermal windblocking inserts to further protect the body further from the elements in key areas, which is something that other brands don't offer you.  Everyone has a favorite or two for pulling on top of their base layers, but when going into declining temperatures, just make sure that is offers thermal warmth while also having some moisture breathability and always make sure to have the G2 Pinnacle 2.0 Jackets lower edge shock cord & cord loc sealed tight to prevent air flow from going up the jacket from the bottom edge around the hip area.

When you have a good sound base with your intial layers, you're ready to slide on the G2 Pinnacle 2.0 Jacket and find out what limits you can push it to?  You own bodies thermoregualtion system is also going to have a say in what this jacket is going to do for your person, but suffice it to say that it is going to be warmer on its own then other Soft Shell's.  We haven't found one yet that has as high of a thermal R-value as this jacket offers!  You need to remember that 95% & 98% spec'd windblocking shell fabrics are going to let air penetrate through the outer shell membrane and depending on which one is used, you may be surprised?   You also need to remember that the G2 Pinnacle 2.0 is classified as a mid range jacket, is built with 2 power packed layers of asset value, therefore it is not going to be as lightweight as a single layer, trim cut soft shell is going to be.  Our G2 Pinnacle 2.0 jackets are going to weight in at a little over 2 lbs (+ or -), but they have to in order to offer "better performance" for the end user.  These are not high priced "pretty jackets" that get you whistles on the street with, rather they are the Jacket that you are glad to be wearing when the elements make the going tough, whether on there own in moderate Winter temps or underneath the main parka or outer sub-zero jacket shell.  We choose "performance" to "pretty" everyday of the week and it's reflected in our entire range of Technical Advantage Gear & Accessories.

We build this jacket ourselves, just like every other cold weather gear item that we sell and we proudly make it right here in Wisconsin - USA.


Dimensional Comparison Chart:



Average/Standard Soft Shell Jacket Dimensions - Size:  Medium Jacket(Made in Far East & others)

G2 Pinnacle 2.0 - 2.4TRVMR XTherm                


A - Sleeve Length:  Armpit to tip of Sleeve



B - Base Jacket Length:  Tip of Collar to Bottom Edge

27.0" with almost 27.0 zipper length

31.5" with 31.0" zipper length

C - Armpit Base to Bottom Edge of Jacket Length



D - Bottom Edge Inside Jacket Width Across L to R



E - Chest Dia:  Armpit to Armpit Width Across Jacket





Average/Standard Soft Shell Jacket Dimensions - Size:  Medium Jacket(Made in Far East & others)

G2 Pinnacle 2.0 - 2.6TRVMR XTherm                


F - Sizing:  Chest Circumference Measurement

36" to 40"

33" to 37"

G - Sizing:  Belly Circumference @Widest Point

34" to 38"

32" to 37"


Technical Advantage Gear - G2 Pinnacle 2.0 Comparison - Jacket Sizes:



G2 Pinnacle 2.0 - 2.6TRVMR XTherm Jacket - Size:  SMALL

Retail Price:


Number of Layers:


Hard Faced Outer Shell:

YES - 75% plus

Thermal Windblocking:

YES - 100%

Number of Pockets:


DWR Water Repellent:


Estimated R-value:




Important:  Sizing our G2 Pinnacle 2.0 Jackets before Ordering

As you may or may not know by now, Technical Advantage Gear builds all of their gear to American sized bodies and not to the industry standards set in the Far East.  This is very important to again note because most of our sizes tend to be blended upward, thereby providing a more generous fit for the end user.  The same goes for the G2 Pinnacle 2.0 - 2.4TRVMR XTherm Jackets.  So "DON"T ASSUME" that your current jacket SIZE is going to be as small as the one that we are going to delivery, because it is not.  Ours will be about a 1/2 size bigger and more generous, therefore it is important to verify some dimensions before you think about ordering, otherwise and there's a good chance that are same tagged sized jacket is going to be too big for you if you don't do the following first:

Step 1:  Lay flat on a table your current low range or soft shell jacket that you own that fits you when you wear a base shirt and fleece pullover or sweatshirt on top of the base shirt.

Step 2:  Take a measurement across the jacket at the base of the Armpits from Left to Right and write down the measurement in inches

Step 3:  Take a measurement at the bottom edge of the jacket from the Left inside edge - across to the Right inside edge and write down the measurement

Step 4:  Take a Tape Measure and measure around the widest/fattest part of your Belly without sucking it in and determine your belly circumference in inches and write it down

Step 5:  Now scroll back up to the "Dimensional Comparison Chart" above and compare your Step 2 dimension to Ref E, the Step 3 dimension to Ref D and the Step 4 dimension to Ref G for the Size Small G2 Pinnacle 2.0 jacket dimensions referenced.  This is a good starting point for determining if one of these first (2) two sizes of jackets will fit you.

Other Sizing Tips:

Size Small Pinnacle 2.0 - 2.4TRVMR XTherm Jacket:  If you currently have a comfortable fit or a tight fit with your belly in a size small soft shell jacket that is made in the Far East - Offshore or you wear a size Medium Import Jacket that has extra room and you have a trim build, the size Small G2 Pinnacle 2.0 should fit you comfortably.  Always reference the dimensions that we provide vs. your own dimensions that you measured.

Another Suggestion:  Our sizes are running about a full 1/2 size larger in room then the equivelent Imported sizes sold by most of the other brands.


"Extremely Limited Quantities"




Size:  Small +

G2 Pinnacle 2.0 - 2.4TRVMR XTherm Jacket

Special Intro Price:  $315.99 each

sku#:  120212PXTJSG2

Approx Weight:  2lbs 1oz

"Do Not" Click the Order Button Until You've Sized Yourself per Our Instructions Above"!


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