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Items featured as Short Run's are limited in quantity and in most cases when you've gobbled them up by ordering them, they'll probably be gone for the rest of the season.  What's featured below are the only Short Run's currently available and are only available in the colors and/or sizes referenced.  Quantities are limited to first come - first served, so don't miss out by waiting.

G2Pinnacle 2.0 - 2.4TRVMR XTherm Jacket

"Limited Production Run Special"

The 2nd Generation of Pinnacle Jackets

100% Overall Thermal Windblocking Protection - Everywhere on the Jacket!


Comparison & Sizing Dimensions


Average Soft Shell Jacket Dimensions - Size:  Medium Jacket(Other brands Made in China)

G2 Pinnacle 2.0 - 2.4TRVMR XTherm                Size:  SMALL

A - Sleeve Length:  Armpit to tip of Sleeve



B - Base Jacket Length:  Tip of Collar to Bottom Edge

27.0" with almost 27.0 zipper length

31.5" with 31.0" zipper length

C - Armpit Base to Bottom Edge of Jacket Length



D - Bottom Edge Inside Jacket Width Across L to R



E - Chest Dia:  Armpit to Armpit Width Across Jacket






F - Sizing:  Chest Circumference Measurement

36" to 40"

33" to 37"

G - Sizing:  Belly Circumference @Widest Point

34" to 38"

32" to 37"


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Size Small


This is a dynamic "2 Layered" Soft Shell Jacket that has asset values engineered into it, that leaves all other like jackets waining behind it in its snow dust.  The G2 Generation Jacket is positioned as a Mid-range jacket, acceptable for some to start wearing when the temperature start dropping below +45F above zero and others will wait until temperatures are a little colder before they pull it out of the closet.  Some users will find this jacket to be great for Fall & Spring and others will find that it is a great jacket to also use all Winter long as well.  It all comes down to where you live and what your "individual" perception of cold is.  We layer up underneath this jacket and we'll still use and wear it when temperatures are down around (0) zero degrees F, or slightly below and others may only use it until temperatures are down around +15F to +20F.  Again we position it as a "mid-range" jacket, but many people will continue to use it throughout the cool and cold weather months depending on where they live and how their body adapts to the cold air temperatures.

The jacket pictured above in black & green, is the current engineered design for size Small G2 Pinnacle Jackets in current inventory.  Before you consider "clicking the button" to order one, check and measure from the chart listed above for the proper size.  OUR JACKETS are designed for North American type bodies, so the physical size of the jackets are bigger and better dimensions then the Far East sewn jackets that you buy in the store.  The size SMALL jackets will run a little big for people who are on the smaller end of the size Small dimensional scale, will leave extra room for movement and layering for people in the middle and upper ranges of the size Small range and will probably fit at least half of the people that are use to buying a size Medium Jacket off of the rack at the local sporting goods store.  It also is 3 plus inches longer in length for better protection for the average back length user and it will be still be a great fit for those with "long" back lengths.  (small but extra tall).  Protection from the Elements & Versatility in Sizing and movement.

This is on of the very few jackets in the World that is 100% Certified Thermal Windblocking and when you calculate in the total thermal value provided by its 2 layer design, we don't see anyone else standing on the same platform as the G2 Pinnacle Jacket.  The strategic breakdown of this jacket is as follows:

The Front 2 Black Outer Velour finsh panels on either size of the middle zipper are Certified 100% Thermal Windblocking, offer average breathability and are also DWR Water Repellent Treated.  The 2 Green Outer panels in the front provide above average thermal windblocking protection, excellent abrasion resistance, average breathability and are also DWR Water Repellent Treated.  The Inside Layer on both sides of the Front of the Jacket, provide another layer of Certified 100% Thermal Windblocking Protection, averge breathability and is also DWR Water Repellent Treated.

The Black Outer Shell Layer of the Sleeves provides Moderate Windblocking Protection, Above Average Abrasion Resistance, Above Average Breathability and the Hardfaced finish is also DWR Water Repellent Treated.  The Inner Sleeve Layer is Certified 100% Thermal Windblocking, average breathability and is also DWR Water Repellent Treated.

The Green Outer Shell Layer on the Back Side of the jacket provides above average thermal windblocking protection, excellent abrasion resistance, average breathability and are DWR Water Repellent Treated.  The Inside Layer provides another layer of Certified 100% Thermal Windblocking Protection, averge breathability and is also DWR Water Repellent Treated.

The G2 Jacket also provides 2 zippered pockets on the Front Side with a huge amount of storage space, plus 2 pockets located on the inside of the jacket as well for extra storage.  Their are mitten clip loop locs on each sleeve and a bottom edge built-in pull tight shock cord system as well.  Our jacket sleeve lengths are also longer then the chinese build standard, again besides the longer jacket length and more room inside the jacket per tagged size.  Another TOTAL ASSET VALUE DELIGHT from Technical Advantage Gear!


Size:  Small

G2 Pinnacle 2.0 - 2.4TRVMR XTherm Jacket - Green & Black Color Combination Only

sku #:  120212PXTJSG2

Special Intro Price:  $315.99 each


"Do Not" Click the Order Button Until You've Sized Yourself per Our Instructions!


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