Frequently Asked Questions

& A Few More of Our Own


1.  What is the Country of origin of your Products?
      Answer:  Wisconsin - USA

2.  Do you buy the items that you sell?
      Answer:  NO - We make 100% of everything that we sell right here in Wisconsin - USA

3.  What is the Country of origin for the technical fabrics that you use in your production/manufacturing process?
      Answer:  We only use technical Fabrics that are 100% Made in the USA

4.  What type(s) of technical fabrics do you use in your production of gear items?
      Answer:  The majority of the technical fabric that we use are Polyester and Synthetic Polyesters.  We do use some Nylon technical fabric, but only for our dog jackets & kayak covers.

5.  How long does it take for you guys to ship my order once your receive it?
      Answer:  On week days, most orders received before 11 AM CST are shipped the same day and we ship 100% of new orders within 24 hours, with the exception of USPS Postal Holidays or if we are on a Posted Maintenance Break.   We also, unlike the rest of the internet world, also ship orders on most Saturdays, if we receive the order before 8AM on the Saturday morning.

6.  How do I know if you have the items referenced on your Products page in stock and available for shipment?
     Answer:  If you look down where the price is referenced by each item, you will see (2) two things.  First it tells you "In Stock" and second there is an active "ADD TO CART" button that you can press for ordering the item and add to your shopping cart/order.  If we say "Out of Stock" and the "Add to Cart" button is not shown, well guess what, you can't order it.  Pretty straight forward.

7.  How do you ship your Technical Advantage Gear orders?
      Answer:  We ship orders over USD$25.00 via "PREMIUM" USPS Priority Mail Service and we also ship quite a few orders under $25.00 via premium Priority Mail Service as well.  Export & International orders are shipped most of the time via USPS Priority Mail International.  We believe in providing the best order processing, customer service & premium shipping of any company on the internet and we provide it to you at the best cost structure possible.

      For More Information on our Shipping & Handling Procedures & some examples, then CLICK HERE

8.  During the Checkout Process, why do the Shipping & Handling charges appear to be so expensive?
      Answer:  Initially they may seem high, but like everyone else they are based on percentages in the Shopping Cart Freight matrix.  We just need to make sure that we cover the worse case senerio's for shipping weights, shipping zones and export Country locations, because we don't like - nor want to have to chase a customer down for extra funds.  If you  read about our Shipping & Handling Procedures mentioned above, you will find out that all we want to cover is our discounted shipping costs along with the processing fees for your order and then we send you the rest back via a PayPal credit for the difference of what you were charged at checkout.  Plus, we again ship everything over USD$25.00 via Premium USPS Priority Mail Service.

       What if I ordered the wrong thing or wrong size and my order has been processed in your shopping cart and by PayPal.  What should I do?
Answer:  Send an e-mail immediately after the order is placed with your wrong selection(s) to or to , advise us of what change(s) need to be made and we'll do our best to correct them.  When this happens, you should also send your contact phone number where you can be reached if there are any questions or issues that we may have.

9.  What if something I ordered doesn't fit and I want to send it back for a different size.  What do I do?
      Answer:  The instructions are located on the back side of the packing list included with your shipment.  Basically, you have about 34 days from the original packing list date of shipment to have the returned goods back into our possession without any re-stocking fees, however the goods returned have to be in the same exact clean/new condition that they were shipped to you in, completely free of wear, smell, dog hair, stains, etc.  Returns received after 35 days automatically start with a minimum 25% re-stocking fee deduction.  Goods received back after 45 days receive a minimum 50% re-stock fee and we do not accept "any returns" after 60 days from the original packing list date.  For a return, call us at 715.531.7952 and request a Return Authorization number.   You can also send us an e-mail at and request an "RA" number as well.  The best way to ship the goods back to us is in the same "used" Priority Mail box that we shipped it to you in, as new regular Priority Mail boxes are hard to find at the Post Office, as they are trying to push you into using their Flat Rate Boxes which will cost your more money.  Just a tip.

We do not do "exchanges", therefore customer returns are kept as a separate transaction, just as the original orders are, as well as re-orders for replacing the item(s) returned.  Once we receive your return, we process and issue credits back to you via PayPal within a matter of hours and not days like the rest of the internet world.  When you do a return and want a different size, color, etc, you can re-order it immediately again via our website or you can wait until we receive and process your return and issue your credit.  What ever is best for you!

10.  Do I have to be signed up with PayPal in order to buy from you?
      Answer:  NO.  Up until a few years ago you did, but not for the last four or five years.  You can proceed through the shopping cart process without signing up for PayPal and then use your regular credit card like Visa, MC, AMEX, etc, as identified.

11.  Can I place an order over the telephone with Technical Advantage Gear?
Answer:  NO.  For the couple of requests that we get per year, its not cost effective to pay the monthly fees required to facilitate this option.  More importantly, it is in your best interest to order on-line via our Website, utilizing the PayPal Shopping Cart - Checkout Process, as PayPal is the "Utmost Most Secure" way to order anything on the internet.  For your security benefit as well, the vendor/suppliers using the PayPal Checkout system, "never" see or have access to your credit card number or your 3 or 4 digit security code, therefore this information will never reside on their/our computer systems, leaving one less place that your information could get hacked or stolen.

12.  Can I order your "stuff" without going on-line and paying via a credit card?
       Answer:  YES.  We do accept payment via Money Orders.  Just call us and we can figure out how much to send us for your transaction or send us an e-mail (phone: 715.531.7952 or

13.  Why is it hard to find the Gear Items that you have available for sale?
        Answer:  It's NOT!  Instead of making you scroll & click 3 or 4 layers deep it guessing where the item is that you want, which is what most other websites make you do, all you have to do with our website is to click on the "PRODUCTS" tab at the top of the main website page and it takes you to where the majority of our gear items are featured, explained and available to order.  As a matter of fact, you can use the "scroll bar" located on the right hand side of the page and scroll through all of our products in about 5 seconds, of course that's the high speed view.  The Products Page references our gear items in (5) five heading categories, starting with Headware Gear, Neck & Face Gear, Hand & Finger Gear, Other Body Gear and finally Other Gear Items.  Having most everything on one long page, minimizes having to click back and find previously viewed information from other sub-headings and areas, which is the standard for other websites.  You can't get any easier then having a full range of various gear items located in one area, the Product Tab!  We also provide a Quick Search link on our main page by product type that you can click on as well, in getting you to specific gear items as well.

As a side note, we do reference a very small handful of items that are brand new and in smaller quantities under our "Short Runs" area and you can find the Short Runs box to click on as referenced on our main website page, about a third of the way down on the main page.  We also have on occasion, some discontinued items listed under our "Closeouts Tab", which is located to click on at the top of the main website page as well.

14.  Can I wash my Technical Advantage Gear items if I get them dirty?
Answer:  Absolutely!  Most of our gear items have "care instructions located on the backside of the sizing labels.  In a nut shell, you can wash your gear items in a washing machine in cold water, using a mild detergent.  Once done in the wash cycle, you can either let them "air dry" or you can throw them in the dryer on low heat, however whether in the wash cycle or in the dryer, NEVER USE ANY FABRIC SOFTNER LIQUIDS OR DRYER SHEETS!  The reason being, is the the Fabric Softner removes the DWR Water Repellant Treatment from the gear items that we specify or highlight as having the asset value of being Water Repellent or DWR water repellent.  (DWR = Durable Water Repellent).  DWR is the same treating process that has to happen to Nylon fabrics for example, in order for them to be able to repel moisture like rain, mist, snow etc.

15.  How do you determine your user temperature ranges for your gear items?  Do you just throw a dart at the dart board like everyone else seems to do?
Answer:  Good question and here's a good explanation.  Click Here  

16.  How do you price your gear and why don't you have any of the 50% off, 75% off and 90% off discount specials like the retail store do?
Answer:  We believe in everyday low pricing for the "asset values" that we build into our gear, which is something nobody else is interested in doing.  The debate and conversation goes on, but if you want to read more, Click Here

17.  Why don't Gloves keep my fingers warm on the cold days of Winter?
Answer:  In a nut shell, because they separate the heat sources from one another "the fingers" and most gloves that you buy, along with mittens are poorly constructed.  Want to read more....Click Here  

18.  Why is your Gear slanted toward Mushers, Mountain Climbers & Expeditioners?
Answer:  It's no more slanted toward Extreme Players as it is to Everyday people like you and me.  We build gear and test gear in the most extreme weather conditions on the Planet, be it above the Arctic Circle,  south to Antarctica, East to the Himalaya's or West & North in the Iditarod, along with a few other places along the way.  We also test and sell to everyday people of all ages, including Seniors and we take a special interest in working with people who suffer from various types of afflictions as well.

The key to finding what you need is to read the descriptions by the individual gear item, learn about the "asset values" that it is built with, READ and review the recommended user temperature ranges that are determined based on user experiences, READ the sizing information that we provide and then decide whether it is going to work best for where you live, work and play.  If you're not sure, pick up the phone and give us a call, 715.531.7952 and we'll be more then happy to help you out.  You will find that we "only" try and direct you into what you actually need based on where you live or where you are going to use the gear item(s) that you are considering and we will NEVER TRY AND UP-SELL you into higher price points.  If anything, we ususally end up down-selling you in price points and that usually gets you to where you need to be.

19.  Do you make Balaclava's or are you considering making them?
       Answer:  No way - no how.  We just can't see designing and manufacturing something that completely traps your head, face and neck altogether and at the same time forces you to have to tolerate a wet and frozen mushy face from your breath moisture.  Yuck!  A better and more flexible solution is always going to be a combination of one of our various neck gaiters and hats.  Warmer & dryer beats frozen mushy face and a cold head any day of the none.

20.  Why did you add USPS Signature Confirmation to Customer Orders of $150.00 or more?
Answer:  Because we can only control the process until shipment's leave our business operation and we want to make sure that orders of higher value get to the customer that ordered them.  With USPS Signature Confirmation, there is "no question" of whether a parcel order was delivered to the correct address or not and it now minimizes the number of shipment parcels that get left in a mail box on the street or on a front porch that could be stolen.  It may be an extra hassle sometimes, but it is also piece of mind as well.

21.  What is your Merchandise Return Policy?


Merchandise Return Policy:  We "DO NOT" do Return & Exchanges Transactions!

Merchandise Return Policy

Technical Advantage Gear

   IBDCC LLC USA - 100% Made in Wisconsin - USA

We want to make sure that if you do have any items on your order that you want to return, that we make it easy with our simple process.


Inspection & Merchandise Return Policy:

Inspection of Your Shipment:

When you first receive your order from Technical Advantage Gear, please take the time to try the new gear item(s) on, in order to make sure that they fit and are the correct size for you.


We send out 100% of our manufactured gear items in brand new, "clean & smell free condition" and that is the same condition the we expect them to come back in, as we do not have an outlet for used, dirty, smelly gear merchandise.


You should be able to tell within the first day or two whether your new gear has the sizing fit & feel that your are satisfied with and ifnot, it  is best to start the return process.


Merchandise Return Policy:



We "will not" accept back any gear items that look Dirty or Worn, have been Washed, have ANY TYPE OF SMELL* to them, have been abused by the customer with scuff marks, TORN STITCHING or contain any Human or PET HAIR.

If this is the case, please do not send it back to us as we will send it right back to you and no credit will be issued.  We send our items out in excellent condition and we expect them to be sent
back to us in the same condition.  We also expect each gear item to be sent back to us in their original plastic bags as well.

We allow(1) one return opportunity per gear item and if rejected & returned, wewill not accept it back again for any credit.  (*If you spray any cover scents like fabreeze or similar on our items, then keep them - we will send them back to you as well)

First Step:

Send us an E-Mail and let us know that you have an item(s) for Return that are in 100% New/Clean/Smell Free condition and we will provide you with a Return Authorization Number for your Return.  E-mail Us at:


We will send you the RA# back via e-mail, so that there is a paper trail.  We do appreciate knowing upfront that Return gear item(s) are coming back to us, instead of being surprised, thank you.


Second Step:

Once you have a "Return Authorization #", please mark the number on a copy of the original Packing List/Invoice that we sent you with your order and include that Packing List copy along with the item(s) for return and send them to:



Attn:  Returns

PO Box 27
Roberts, WI  54023-0027
Third Step:

If you want different replacement item(s), then please order them directly via our website, "" for faster shipment.  Once we receive your Return Goods back into our possession, we inspect them and then issue your net merchandise credit back via PayPal, generally the same day.


Alloted Days for Merchandise Returns & Re-stocking Fees:

Any order that we physically receive back after 33 days from the original invoice shipping date, will automatically start with a 25% re-stocking fee deduction off of the net purchase price of the goods returned.


Goods received after 45 days back into our possession receive a minimum 50% re-stocking fee and at 60 days from the original shipping invoice date, we do not accept the return back as the credit value is ($0.00) zero.


Anyway...hope the above information has helped you understand more about who we are and what some of the common questions or comments are that we get.  Basically, we make the warmest gear on the Planet, we build 100% of it ourselves in Wisconsin USA, we out service anyone else on the Internet and we ship it Premium Service, usually at a lower net rebated price then "kick the box down the road" ground shipping that everyone else gives you for a higher price and that's after they've sat on your order for a few days before they shipped it.....we just do things the "old American Way of doing business"!

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