Product Returns & Exchanges:

We will gladly except the return of any Technical Advantage Gear that you have purchased from us via our website, if upon receipt it is not quite what you expected or if the size(s) that you selected are not correct and you want to return them for credit or you want to return & exchange them for a different size.

Any or all Technical Advantage Gear items that you desire to return "must" be returned in the same brand new, clean and un-worn condition that you received them in, otherwise we will not accept them back.  They must also be re-packaged in the original plastic protective packaging that you received them in as well.  This is not to say for example that you can't put on your new pair of mitts and stand outside in the -30 F below zero windchilled temperatures to give them a test for a couple of minutes, but once they get wet, become soiled, develop a used appearance or develop any type of new smells on them, we cannot except them back.

Any product return that you desire to do from a Technical Advantage Gear order and shipment, must have a formal e-mail request made for return authorization within (30) days from the original order date of the gear item(s) that you want to return.(e-mail: and note in the subject line "Return Request")  Once you have received our Return Authorization E-mail, the items for return for credit or return for exchange must be received back and in our pocession within 2 weeks from the Authorization Date of the e-mail sent back to you. (Returns Mailing Address:  IBDCC LLC, P.O. Box 27, Roberts, WI.  54023)  Returns should be sent back via the US Postal Service and the cost of the return is at the "returners" expense.

Once we have received the return product back and it has been inspected, we will then process any credits due.  In the case of a Product Sizing Exchange, we will notify you of what the "special subsidized return freight charges" are going to be and once payment is made via PayPal, we will then ship your order out to you.  In cases where we have had Product Sizing Exchange Requests, the dilegence of our customers has facilitated return product back in their hands in less then two weeks.

Note:  If we should happen to receive a return item for credit or exchange that shows wear, use, dirt, product damage or perspiration or other smells, we will return it back to the customer and no credit will be issued.  Please be as fair to us as we are to you.  We provide top quality products that we manufacture ourselves and we ship them with the mission of being the best in customer service.  We get new customers just about every month and like our existing ones, we work hard to keep them coming back.  We also realize that sometimes policies have to be put down in writing so everyone can see them, so that the "gray" areas are minimized.


Product Warranty:

All of the Technical Advantage Gear that we manufacture ourselves is warrantied to be free of defects from the manufacturing process when you receive your gear order.  All of the Gear that we ship to our customers is guaranteed to be in brand new condition and has never been worn and is in 100% clean condition.

None of the products that we manufacture and sell are covered by any type of expressed or implied "wear" warranty and we do not accept any liability for product wear or damage caused by actual use or customer abuse, or from the dog chewing on it.

If a sewn seam fails on its own merits within the first 60 days from order date, not cut or punctured or burnt or the like(user abuse), please send us an e-mail or call us and explain the situation and we will come to some type of solution to try and rectify the situation.  We do have the option that we can possibly repair one of our gear items, whereby the failure is linked to our manufacturing process.  If a customer causes damage to one of our gear items and wants to have it repaired, please contact us to see whether it merits having it fixed by us at some identified nominal charge.

Product Liability:

The products that are designed, manufactured and sold by Technical Advantage Gear {IBDCC LLC}, are built to help keep our customers warmer - longer then other similar products in the market place.  However, because of the differences in the human body, whether blood circulation related issues, old age, or aquired diseases, we do not make, imply or accept any liability if our product does not meet the individual customers expectations for always keeping them warm irregardless of the weather conditions and outdoor Winter temperatures.  The temperature range recommendations we make are based on the results from our gear field testers, of which their acceptable tolerance ranges may be different from the end user's individual human body.  They are only specified as a "recommended average temperature range", which may work for you or not.  They are only there as a marketing information guide.

Technical Advantage also does not accept any liablity for any of our products that are not used for their intended purpose and our gear is only designed and manufactured to be used by people over the age of sixteen.  It is the express liability of the end user customer if any of our gear is used or played with by children under the age of sixteen.  We also do not accept any liability for any of the products that we sell, whereby "common sense" is not used by the end user.  None of our products on our website, unless specifically identified, are intended to be eaten, swollowed, shoved up a nose, poured and placed into the users eyes, worn into a burning building, or worn outside during temperatures that exceed 50 degrees F or greater.  We also do not imply or accept liability that any of our gear or accessory items will protect the end user from injury or save them from drowning when they fall into the water or through the ice.